From the Moon

Stan Lebar demonstarting the WEC lunar camera.
Spacevidcast interview August 12, 2010

Live TV From the Moon
by Dwight Steven-Boniecki.

This unique record documents the background of the event footage itself. Revealing the vital role the medium of television played during this integral period in space history, this investigation draws from in-depth research of the NASA archives as well as outside sources such as the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers. Demonstrating the skill and knowledge of the RCA and Westinghouse technicians of the 1960s, this study illustrates how their advancements not only revolutionized space exploration but electronic news as a whole. From the earliest known proposals of television coverage on lunar missions through the constant battle of internal politics, this survey also covers the processes of the slow scan conversion and the eventual transformation of the footage into color. Transforming a niche topic into an intriguing subject, this accessible reconstruction provides a fascinating glimpse into the history of space travel for both established fans and curious newcomers.
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